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Professional healthcare to your door, in London

VisitHealth is a private healthcare company providing same day nursing care services, laboratory and functional diagnostics. We can provide our services to you from the comfort of your home, at your place of work, at your hotel or your local community centre. We can also perform home sonography scans at your convenience.

Our services

Our Services

Laboratory Diagnostics
Blood and urine point-of-care tests with immediate or same day results.
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Functional Diagnostics
ECG, 24-h blood pressure monitoring, peak-flowmetry, spirometry and more.
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Nursing Care
A range of medical assessments, care procedures, drugs administration, wound dressing and much more.
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Ultrasound imaging is a non-invasive medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions.
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Same day appointments

One of our nurses can be at your door within 2-4 hours to provide you with same day care services and diagnostics. If you require a test with preparation procedures, you’ll get helpful and detailed instructions and a scheduled follow-up visit to ensure the best results.
Delivery options

Appointments that work around you

We believe your medical appointment should fit around you, not the other way. That's why appointments are available Monday-Thursday between 07:00-22:00, and Friday-Sunday 06:00-00:00. Our nurses will find the most suitable time for you.
Visiting hours

Immediate and same day results

Our medics use the latest, mobile, point-of-care equipment. This means that we’re able to process tests (like coagulation markers and urinalysis) while we are with you. Other tests can be taken within our main offices and partner laboratories. To see the duration of tests and for more information, please visit our services page.
Our equipment

Patient Reviews

out of 4
I never expected to be advised mobile medical service to use, but my trainer found this solution when I had problem with my ankle after a football game. I didn't want to go to hospital but he insisted to check. And though I had to wait them in a locker room their sonographer came right there and provided me with ultrasonic diagnostic. Nice service, I'd definitely recommend
Adrey Sychev
Amazingly convenient
I'm amazed that I can have all those tests at home instead of wasting time at the queue! I hate to visit public places, but I was severely worried about STD after the summer, but VisitHealth professionals resolved that with all the gentleness in such a delicate question.
Alex G
Great service, amazing value for money
Great service! Quick friendly and bespoke! The nurse Lynne was very professional and helpful. I would recommend the service to anyone who wants to make sure everything is fine with them. Amazing value for money! Thank you!
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