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VisitHealth is a private healthcare company providing same-day nursing care services, laboratory and functional diagnostics and sonography scans. We can provide our services to you in the comfort of your home, at your place of work, at your hotel or your local community centre.

A patient (or someone on a patient’s behave) books a visit. One of our medics comes to visit a patient to conduct the required tests. VisitHealth will process tests and prepare reports that can be sent to a GP if required.

VisitHealth doesn’t have a walk-in clinic. Our company was created to provide mobile healthcare. Our medics come to you to provide our services in the place you feel most comfortable, whether it’s your home, office, hotel or community centre.

Our healthcare professionals visiting patients 7 days a week from 8 am until 8 pm.

You can book an appointment online, via phone or chat, by filling in the form on our website or by sending an email to

A visit fee of £49 (zones 1-4), £59 – £99 (zones 5- 9) is applied for our medic to visit you. The visit usually lasts for thirty minutes, allowing enough time to carry out tests and assessments. There are additional costs for diagnostic services dependent on the patient and doctor’s needs.

VisitHealth is a private healthcare company, but we hope to work with the NHS as a part of the National Framework.

Check our available positions on our careers page. You can also submit your CV and eligibility to work in the UK by sending it to


Yes, you can book same-day appointments but subject for availability. We are visiting patients 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm.

We provide same-day appointments 7 days a week. Our aim is to be with a patient within 2-4 hours of the request being accepted and confirmed by VisitHealth (subject for available timeslots).

We provide immediate and same-day test results. Some complex tests might take longer, up to 5 days. You can see estimate turnaround times on product pages.

All the tests and procedures comply with national standards and protocols. All the equipment is CE certified and used by known NHS Trusts, backed up by in depth research studies. Our equipment can all be verified and are traced through our suppliers.

Our nurses are registered with the NMC and our sonographers are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. All our staff are highly qualified and committed to providing the best service for our patients.

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission and Companies House.

We provide automated interpretation for some tests. However, you should always show the test results to your doctor and get a full interpretation taking into consideration your condition and medical history. We can also send the report to your GP electronically or by post and provide addition information by request.

Our medic will make sure that your condition is not urgent and can be managed. Our Care Kit contains point-of-care tests that aid in early detection of myocardial infarction, acute thrombosis and ketosis. We can perform these tests for free if needed.

VisitHealth medics use modern, accurate and mobile medical equipment to deliver laboratory and functional diagnostics, sonography and nursing services. Our point-of-care solutions allow us to support teleconsultations with physical examination, special medical assessments, diagnostics and treatment services.

We provide 50 point-of-care blood tests and over 1000 advanced clinical markers. We also use swab tests to culture certain bacteria, virus and fungus to define the presence of infectious disease or for cytology for cancer detection. In addition to that, we provide immediate results of urinalysis during the visit and in-depth analysis tests of stool, saliva and semen, including DNA.

We provide blood pressure assessment & monitoring, ECG and Holter ECG monitoring for 24-48 hours and 7 days.

Administration of medicines: injections, infusions, nebulisation, eye, ear, oral and rectal applications exactly the way they are prescribed by your doctor.

Medical care procedures – we take care of stomas, catheters, ostomies, removal of sutures, minor cuts and wounds and perform complex dressings with directions from your doctor.


VisitHealth’s office is located in Maida Vale, West London. However, our medics come to visit our patients wherever they are – home, workplace, hotel, community centre – within the M25!

VisitHealth is currently available within the M25 and its neighbouring boroughs. When we come to visit our patients outside the M25, we aim to be with patients within 24 hours.

Yes, you can request postal services with via email or phone call. Services are subject to eligibility for self-collection kit option.

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