Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Can Treat or Cure an Illness in the Future

Your baby’s umbilical cord is a valuable source of stem cells which can be collected and stored and potentially used as a crucial part of treating or curing an illness. Smart Cells store stem cells found in the umbilical cord blood and cord tissue.

Pregnancy and starting a family are full of special moments that you don’t want to miss. Storing your baby’s stem cells at the time of birth is a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture these precious cells as a form of insurance for the health and wellbeing of your child.

What conditions can umbilical cord stem cells treat? 

Cord blood stem cells can be used to replace diseased cells with healthy new cells and rebuild an individual’s blood and immune system, treat neurological and metabolic disorders as well as treating various types of cancer. There are over 80 diseases that are being successfully treated with this invaluable resource. Stem cells stored by Smart Cells have been used to treat children with conditions including cerebral palsy, thalassemia, autism and leukaemia. 

How does saving your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells work? 

A trained private obstetrician or midwife or an assigned phlebotomist collect blood and/or tissue from the umbilical cord just after the birth. These samples are then processed and privately stored for you by Smart Cells should they be required for treatment purposes for the child or potentially another family member if they were a match. 

Banking your baby’s stem cells at birth gives them the best possible chance of potentially overcoming health problems in the future. Smart Cells store samples for patients all over the world to treat a variety of conditions. Visit to find out more.

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